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Why storage?

We understand that your precious metals holdings are not simply investments. They are the efforts of your hard work, the financial future of your family, and the retirement for which you have planned. 

Audited & Insured

World-Class Security

Reports provided monthly & after each deposit. Full value of metals are insured via Lloyd's of London.

Assets are stored in Brink's vaults with armed guards, fire suppression and 24/7 surveillance.

Easy Liquidation Through Buyback

Fully Allocated & Segregated

We guarantee best available rates and transfer of funds within 1 business day via our Instant Liquidity program.

Your metals are kept in an individual secure storage container that is your own.

Fully secured

We've partnered with Brink's Global Services because the level of security they provide remains unrivalled when it comes to precious metals storage. 

Third-party insurance is of utmost importance in order to protect from counter-party risk, which is why we chose Lloyd's of London. So you can rest assured knowing you will receive insurance coverage on the full value of your deposits into secure storage.

Sell your metals with ease

We help maximize your ROI by paying the highest price for your precious metals in storage. With our Instant Liquidity program, we will send your payment on the same day that you decide to sell your metals.

Complete privacy

Silver Gold Depository, Lloyd's of London, and Brink's are private companies without connection to the banking system. Additionally, we are not required to report deposits into storage, which means you can trust in complete privacy with your storage holdings.

Fully allocated & physically segregated

We'll store your metals in an individual secure container that is your own. To view your metals, simply contact us, and we'll set up an appointment for you to visit the depository. When you decide to take physical possession of your metals, give us a call, and we'll facilitate fully insured secure shipping to you.

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Trust in transparency!

We've covered all the bases in storing precious metals the right way, so you can rest assured knowing your metals are safe while you go on with your busy day. 

Enjoy security and convenience at the best available rates.



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